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Our wireless ecosystem is ideal for hard-to-reach monitoring scenarios with wired solutions. The absence of wiring makes the BOX-IO system easy to install and configure.
Easy installation, configuration and extension are the strengths of this wireless ecosystem.

Our technicians are available for training events and technical inspections, come to our headquarters to unleash the potential of our solution

Easy installation

Absence of wiring

Easy to extend

Automatic and immediate configuration


  • 1

    Easy installation

    No infrastructure

  • 2

    Easy to extend

    Configurazione immediata e automatica

  • 3

    Permanent or temporary installations

    Time saving

  • 4

    Technical support

    Continuous support and training events

Why choose BOX-IO?

The laying of data cables and power supply are no longer limits, thanks to BOX-IO and wireless sensors it is easier to capture data useful for improving production or quality of environments.
BOX-IO has proven to be reliable and flexible even in the toughest environments and industries.

Reliable ecosystem

Proven in years and years of development

Scalability and Versatility

Flexible system that adapts to any monitoring scenario

Immediate configuration

Immediate extension and configuration

Support and assistance

Inspection with engineers and training events

Easy installation

Spread spectrum modulation: high resistance to interference.

Time Saving

Unmatched time saving

Discover the projects we have realized

Discover some of our projects that we have realized

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If you still have doubts about the system you can contact us without obligation.

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Do you still have any doubts?

Ask directly to us or consult the FAQ for frequently asked questions, we will find a solution to your every request.

1. Is it a reliable solution?

The wireless solution has been tested over the years, developed and continuously updated before being launched on the market

2. If there are problems during configuration?

The configuration is automatic and immediate, in case of any problems you will find a technical support at your height, able to solve any problem in a few minutes

3. Why should I use BOX-IO?

BOX-IO saves you time and effort thanks to its easy installation. Contact us to try it in our office

4. How do I start?

Come and discover the potential of the ecosystem, its ease of installation and configuration, its uses and applications. If you are satisfied, we will formulate together the most suitable commercial formula.

You want to try it on?

Contact us for an appointment at the headquarters and discover the potential of the ecosystem

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BOX-IO IoT ecosystem is developed by EDALab s.r.l., which offers innovative IoT hardware and software solutions based on Industry 4.0 logic.