Solutions in the field of smart metering, indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring, water and environmental pollution control, waste reduction and optimization of production factors


Solutions for monitoring and control of warehouses, logistics assets and real-time tracking of goods and means of transport


Solutions to make buildings intelligent and connected, monitoring and control with automation scenarios, access control, services and connected microservices for users who access them


Solutions for smart cities, services and microservices for users, traffic monitoring, smart street lighting, environmental monitoring and control, smart waste control


Soluzioni per la gestione del comfort e del benessere in ambito residenziale, controllo microclima, risparmio energetico, sistema per la gestione e la prenotazione di postazioni di lavoro da remoto


Solutions for increasing security, smart video surveillance, indoor and outdoor distributed access control, personal security and breaking down social barriers.


Solutions for the energy efficiency of plants and buildings, control of electricity consumption and emissions, energy saving related to heating and energy consumption.


Solutions for digitizing industrial processes and machinery, implementing automation scenarios, predictive maintenance algorithms and machine learning