Smart Security

ioT Technology for security

BOX-IO Security is the IoT ecosystem designed to increase the level of security of your business. The software is designed by a team of experts who have grown up in the field of computer security at the University of Verona.

  • Real time identification and access control systems
  • Intelligent Cameras
  • Opening-closing doors-windows
  • Flood and smoke-gas detection

The ecosystem is able to offer greater security in real time to your business, both in terms of possible accidents, such as breakdowns of machinery, fires, floods, smoke and gas leaks, and in terms of theft and access control to restricted and sensitive areas.

Why BOX-IO Security?

Access control, time attendance, building security. Our IoT technologies help you to prevent theft and intrusion, preserve assets and promote the integrated management of security processes.

Through regular audits, we ensure maximum security and ecosystem efficiency.



Network, application and communication level encryption


Easy wireless network extension, both permanently and temporarily


Ability to control and monitor large areas


No wiring and easy installation


Up to 10 years of autonomy thanks to ``store and forward`` architecture


Easily installable wireless system, non-invasive interventions

What can you do with BOX-IO Security?

Security Remote Control

Identification and access control

Our IoT Platform can control indoor and outdoor access

Intelligent Videosurveillance

Algorithms for identification of 2d and 3d scenes

The ecosystem is able to detect scenarios, situations and environments in an intelligent and connected way

Implementation Security

General Overview

Our IT solution for perimeter access control allows you to create an effective infrastructure for perimeter (or internal) protection of specific areas.

The IoT platform adapts to the specific needs of the customer and allows you to track and verify in real time the identity of people accessing a building.

Operating Principles

Thanks to the active or passive tags and the detection systems installed on the pre-established access points (doors, gates, etc.), it is possible to track with absolute precision the access of each employee, recognizing the identity through the tag associated with them.

Recognition with active technology is carried out through custom smart devices. These communicate with the Beacons who create the proximity localization infrastructure and activate the identification of the device in transit in a sort of virtual gate.

Readings are sent to the BOX-IO gateways that promptly record requests and transits. All messages are then transferred to the control center for centralized control, accounting, monitoring and management of access policies.

The platform, in dialogue with the network infrastructure, returns the output or positive or negative authorization. Our solution also allows you to activate different and complex control logics that avoid unpleasant identification errors.

It is also possible to achieve recognition with passive technology through the use of RFid or NFC tags and thanks to the use of wireless readers powered by batteries that can be easily installed in remote areas or on mobile access points (eg. construction sites).


  • Easy to install and configure: the solution is based on very low power consumption and long life passive tag readers powered by batteries
  • Flexible and ideal for any environment: the network infrastructure (SmartNetwork) and the location infrastructure are extremely flexible. With proprietary battery-powered plug&play technology, the solution is ideal for a variety of environments;
  • Real-time tracking and rapid assignment: All tracked accesses are available in the control center at different time intervals. Tags can be assigned permanently or temporarily;
  • Reliable and advanced: IoT technology integrates self-diagnostics and status monitoring of the wireless network and sensors used;
  • Secure: Based on secure protocols and self-configuring radio networks;
  • Expandable: Increased security of supervised access can be achieved with proprietary RTLS technologies for tracing personnel with recognition tags.

Base Components

Identify and Management Access

Implement an effective identity and access management system, capable of making your spaces safer and more efficient.

  • Real time identification and access control
  • Customizable control center

General Overview

The solution, entirely developed on our technological platform, simplifies the management and configuration of video surveillance services in any environment, with still images and video streaming in real time.

Operating Principles

In combination with sensors and actuators, the solution allows you to enable remote control (pan and tilt) of cameras of major video surveillance solutions and collect images from streaming video or still-cam based on events recorded by other elements of the platform. This can include the simple presence of people, up to the detection of security breaches.

The solution extends the functionality of the most popular video surveillance systems, integrating event monitoring generated by IoT sensors (presence sensors, parking lot monitoring, access control, etc..) to better manage all the audio and video recording equipment.


  • Expandable: Allows you to expand the type and amount of data available for configuring your video surveillance system, making it fully responsive to any type of need;
  • Simple: it allows the surveillance personnel to have a high degree of control of the monitored scenarios through a single and integrated interface;
  • Can be integrated for a complete real-time control: it allows to detect any anomaly conditions through the video surveillance circuit and propagate them to the IoT monitoring system in combination with other solutions (perimeter access control, access control, unauthorized attendance control, sensors for occupying reserved stalls, etc.).

Base Components

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Intelligent Videosurveillance

IoT and Security 4.0: with our solutions you can make your security system even more advanced, intelligently managing devices for photo and video surveillance.

  • Logistics
  • City
  • Industry
  • Building

BOX-IO IoT ecosystem is developed by EDALab s.r.l., which offers innovative IoT hardware and software solutions based on Industry 4.0 logic.