Smart Office

Productivity and Wellness

BOX-IO Office is the IoT ecosystem designed to increase productivity, comfort and well-being in the workplace. BOX-IO allows companies to measure and control parameters to make the office a better place.

  • Environment
  • Lighting
  • Safety and security
  • Energy
  • Google Assistant compatibility

The BOX-IO Office ecosystem is able to measure and control in real time certain environmental parameters of the office to increase comfort and well-being in the workplace.


BOX-IO is the IoT solution that increases well-being and productivity in the workplace. You can manage the entire ecosystem through smartphone apps or web apps.



Control and monitoring of indoor parameters


Lighting Automatic Control


Identify and access control


Intelligent ecosystem management based on the natural environment


Reduce waste of time, space and disease


Management and booking of workstations and classrooms

What can you do with BOX-IO Office?

Microclima Control

Automatic air conditioning control

Automatic smart parameters for maximum indoor comfort and well-being

Remote Control Devices

Automatic control of devices

Energy efficiency and office sustainability in a smart and intelligent way

All control in one App

Manage your office with a single application

Safety management, smart lighting, air conditioning and comfort all in one ecosystem

Security Control

Increased office security

Identification and access control system to increase security and safety

Implementation Office

General Overview

The infrastructure used for smart office functions can be extended to control well-being in the office. By providing your employees with the best environment in which to work, you can achieve greater productivity and well-being.

Principi di funzionamento

The IoT infrastructure is completely modular, non-invasive and allows for the installation of different types of sensors, eliminating maintenance and installation costs.

Wireless sensors are managed by the gateway and the user can control the platform by an online cloud dashboard or directly from the smartphone application.

The application and graphic interfaces are fully customizable

Principali Vantaggi

  • Wellness
  • Gamification
  • Productivity
  • Easy Installation
  • Google Assistant
  • Remote Control
  • Legal Limits Under Control

Componenti Base

Comfort- Microclima

BOX-IO shows in real time parameters related to well-being in the office. These parameters can be managed manually or automatically to create a more comfortable working environment. Microclimate data collection is accurate and reliable.

  • Temperature
  • CO2
  • Humidity
  • Brightness
  • Noise level

General Overview

With this solution you can monitor the use of meeting rooms, measure the presence of people in the most frequented places, book and manage workspaces.

The solution does not require invasive interventions, is easily installed and does not require wiring or special infrastructure. The configuration of the sensors is immediate and the dashboard through which to control the data is completely customizable.

Principi di funzionamento

The IoT ecosystem is easy to install, non-invasive, and can be easily extended with additional customizations.

You can register in the cloud to remotely book workspaces, lounges, parking lots and view their occupancy status via PC or smartphone.

The wireless sensors guarantee scalability and versatility to the system.

Principali Vantaggi

  • Ease of extension
  • No infrastructure costs
  • Ecosystem Customization
  • Saves time and space
  • Facility Management

Componenti Base

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Management and Booking of Workplace

The sensors are placed under the desks, in the car parks or in the classrooms, providing real time data and identifying the state of occupation. With this solution you can save time and space, allocating resources in the most efficient way.

  • Smart Parking
  • Classroom management
  • State of employment of desks
  • Queue analysis

General Overview

The IoT solution designed to intelligently manage lighting and safety in the workplace.

It is possible to manage and monitor large buildings and complex systems of classrooms and workstations.

The access control system is safe, precise and reliable.

Principi di funzionamento

Il sistema di controllo accessi avviene tramite l’utilizzo di badge, tag NFC o smartphone e può essere controllato da remoto direttamente da una dashboard online.

L’illuminazione può essere gestita manualmente, vocalmente oppure automaticamente.

Il sistema è compatibile con Google Assistant.

Principali Vantaggi

  • Energy saving
  • Safety and security
  • Comfort
  • Gamification
  • Voice Control
  • Google Assistant compatibility

Componenti Base

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Lighting and Security

BOX-IO Office allows you to intelligently manage the office lighting in relation to temperature, time, the degree of ambient light outside and the presence of open or closed windows.

It is also possible to increase security by automatically managing access to the office or rooms that are particularly important for your business.

  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Security

BOX-IO IoT ecosystem is developed by EDALab s.r.l., which offers innovative IoT hardware and software solutions based on Industry 4.0 logic.