Smart Industry

Efficiency, optimisation and productivity

The digital transformation of an industry requires the integration of IoT solutions that reduce inefficiencies and optimally allocate inputs to improve product and service performance.

It is possible to statistically reduce malfunctions and downtime, use resources in the most optimal way avoiding waste of cost and time, improving the quality of the final product or service.

By collecting and analysing the data collected by the BOX-IO IoT sensors installed in the production plants, it is possible to monitor critical business data in real time.

IIOT for Digital Twin

With our IoT solutions, you can collect the data and information you need to schedule valuable interventions in the cloud to avoid costly downtime. The accuracy, reliability and reliability of the data we collect are key features of our ecosystem.

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reducing costs
  • Gain in competitiveness
  • Reduction of machine downtime and production inefficiencies
  • Data-Driven Strategies

Why BOX-IO Industry?

BOX-IO for industry is the ideal solution to introduce your reality in the 4.0 industry. The ecosystem immediately adapts to any monitoring and automation scenario and allows you to drastically reduce downtime, malfunctions and waste, improving product quality and performance.

The IoT platform is easily installed and extensible to increase the energy efficiency of a plant and connect different objects to return in real time useful data in order to predict and direct strategic choices.



Real-time monitoring and data collection


Custom designed software to increase industrial usability


Software, Hardware and Cloud Custom


Cloud Data Collection


Integration of industrial IT solutions


Prototyping and custom hardware production

What can you do with BOX-IO Industry?

System Integration

Integration of traditional system

Integration of a traditional system to make it smart, intelligent and connected

IoT Custom Ecosystem

Customer requirements

Customize software, firmware, cloud and hardware to your individual needs

Warehouse Monitoring

Control and monitoring of storage sites

Distributed monitoring and control to increase safety and detect specific parameters in warehouses

Smart Industry 4.0

Automation of machinery and plants

Implementazione di scenari di automazione per flussi produttivi e macchinari

Implementation Industry

General Overview


  • Insertion of often redundant data due to interoperability and integration deficits between application platforms
  • Information depth often formally acceptable but substantially deficient: the amount of data managed does not take into account their “purpose” and the differences in the processes in which they are collected (between different operational roles, maintenance types, etc.).
  • Very low quality of the data due to the absence of controls in the insertion phase and the failure to adopt detection tools to preserve and preserve them.

Thanks to our integrated technologies such as RFID, LoRa, ZigBee, MODBUS, RTOS, Mobile, HMI (Human Machine Interaction) Voice assistant, Touchscreen, Virtual Reality glasses or gestures for Remote Assistance, it is possible to create a methodological approach that considers the cases in operation.

In relation to the purposes and type of data required, it is possible to create different modelling strategies using a methodological approach such as FMECA for Failure Mode analysis.

  1. Regression models to predict residual useful life (RUL – Remain Useful Lifetime), how long / cycles it takes before the system has a Failure.
  2. Classification models to predict the error event within a given time window, error classification and modelling of the relationship between characteristics and system degradation path.
  3. Model for reporting anomalous behaviour. Interpolation and correlation between current and “normal” behavior to degradation leading to Failure.

Operating Principles

BOX-IO allows to activate predictive maintenance policies, starting from the existing company information heritage (Data Centered) and enriching it with data coming from the field and/or acquired from DCS, SCADA, PLC, sensors, predictive techniques (Automation Centered) and engineering (Human Centered).

Our solution is interconnected with the plant system and can support the company in creating new business models and keep them constantly updated through the most innovative techniques/methodologies and algorithms of Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence.

BOX-IO collects and interprets the operational management and functional safety data of the plants, signals functional degradation and “bad behaviour” and manages the need for proactive and predictive maintenance operations.
Thanks to customized software interfaces, data are collected and displayed in a simple and fast way, supporting the management in the phases of understanding complex phenomena and in the adoption of more effective strategic choices.


  • Cost savings
  • Programming and scheduling
  • Optimisation of spare parts storage aspects
  • Technologies for the control of the correct execution
  • Cloud data collection and data interpolation
  • Machine and environmental sensors
  • Reliable and accurate real-time monitoring

Base Components

Analysis and Predictive Maintenance

Our IT solution to avoid unforeseen failures, downtime and slowdowns in operational processes. It is possible to plan maintenance activities in advance in an intelligent way, according to their operation, consumption, average use, mechanical properties.thanks to the ability to monitor conditions, the ability to collect and analyze the data emitted by the machine, it is possible to create models of diagnosis and predictive maintenance.

  • Diagnosis and Prevention
  • Conditional programming
  • Automation – Data Centered
  • Reliability and reliability of the data collected
  • Hyper-amortisation and tax relief

General Overview

Industrial automation solution that allows you to control industrial processes in real time and in an agile way, through a single UX control dashboard.
Thanks to our technologies it is possible to create an advanced infrastructure that guarantees a perfect and secure integration of industrial and business systems.
Our many years of experience allows us to operate in any business sector, the scalability and ease of extension of our ecosystem adapt to any business scenario.

Fundamental in this context is the accuracy and reliability of the data collected, through advanced wireless sensors our ecosystem is the perfect solution to meet this need.

Operating Principles

The solution is achieved through the installation of a powerful smart infrastructure with the use of PLC, DCS, SCADA and MES. We integrate solutions to automate and digitize industrial processes, connected with the management software and using wireless communication protocols such as Profinet, Modbus TCP, OPC, MQTT.
The installation of an IoT platform allows the monitoring, supervision, management of production data and real-time traceability of assets thanks to a high-performance software that allows you to obtain accurate and reliable information in order to digitize operations.


  • Digital transformation of the enterprise
  • Reduction of management costs
  • Integrated industrial systems
  • Security and control
  • Optimisation of processes and operational efficiency
  • Detection and monitoring of machine data

Base Components

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Industry Monitoring and Automation

Integrated solutions to make the company’s production processes more agile and efficient

  • Real time control and monitoring
  • Machine control software for operators
  • UX interfaces for industrial instrumentation
  • Machine data collection and threshold indication

General Overview

L’ecosistema BOX-IO permette di monitorare e controllare le condizioni ambientali ed energetiche di impianti di stoccaggio e di produzione al fine di mantenere, preservare e garantire il corretto standard di qualità di prodotto.
Grazie alle nostre tecnologie è possibile anche rendere l’impianto ecosostenibile grazie a un preciso controllo dell’inquinamento e alla possibilità di controllare in modo automatico le luci interne ed esterne in base alla presenza o meno di persone e veicoli, alla luminosità naturale e ad altri parametri ambientali più specifici.

E’ possibile supervisionare e controllare il consumo energetico di strumenti e impianti industriali, ottenendo indicazioni preziose per la manutenzione e la riduzione di sprechi e inefficienze.
E’ possibile implementare soluzioni di sicurezza all’avanguardia che permettono di controllare l’identificazione e l’accesso di fornitori e collaboratori esterni, nonche’ sistemi di localizzazione e tracciamento di asset aziendali.

Operating Principles

Through sensors designed specifically for plants and industrial sites, our solution lends itself to scenarios tailored to individual customer needs.

The sensors are installed intelligently to provide accurate data on the environmental and energy conditions of the business, the ease of installation makes it the perfect solution for difficult and complex monitoring scenarios.


  • Monitoring of specific indoor and outdoor business parameters
  • Usable remote control dashboard
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Access control
  • Product performance
  • Asset tracking and localization

Base Components

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Energy Efficiency of Production and Storage Plants

Solutions for environmental and energy monitoring for production plants and storage sites.

  • Access controls and door closing/opening
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions
  • Solutions for the automatic switching on and off of warehouse lights

General Overview

Our IoT solution makes it easy to integrate proprietary IT solutions to increase their value or achieve the desired goal that otherwise would not be possible.

Our IoT software is highly performing and easily scalable, designed according to international best practices, and is constantly updated and followed to continuously increase its quality.

Our software division, which grew up in the cyber security branch of the Department of Informatics at the University of Verona, represents excellence in the sector and is able to implement the highest standards of quality and security.

  • The convergence of physical and logical security
  • Simple integration of multiple safety devices
  • Complex integrations between IT infrastructure and business process applications
  • Integration of data and information from different management/security systems

What we can guarantee you

Our experience is based on our proven expertise in the design and execution of state-of-the-art installations, first-class support and tracking of technological innovations. This assures you:

  • The convergence of physical and logical security in a holistic approach and on unified platforms
  • Automated scenario-based workflow control
  • Faster data transmission and processing via distributed architecture
  • Highly specialized IT division to meet your specific needs


  • Highly competent and specialised staff
  • Support and continuous updating of the solution
  • Achieving the ultimate goal of the solution
  • Integration of solutions with proprietary or non-proprietary architecture

Base Components

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System Integration

Our solution is particularly suitable as an integration of hardware solutions, the system has been designed to be easily integrated with proprietary IT solutions, resulting flexible and adaptable to every customer need.

  • System Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Integration of hardware solutions

BOX-IO IoT ecosystem is developed by EDALab s.r.l., which offers innovative IoT hardware and software solutions based on Industry 4.0 logic.