Smart Energy

Technology for sustainability

IoT Eco-Friendly solutions that allow real-time monitoring of environmental parameters to conserve natural resources for the benefit of the well-being of people and the local community.

  • Energy Management
  • Micro-macroclimate real-time environmental monitoring
  • Accurate and reliable data collection

BOX-IO ECO is a wireless green ecosystem designed to make concrete the commitment to pursue sustainable practices by companies, organizations and local governments.


Why BOX-IO Energy?

The IoT ecosystem can help reduce waste of critical resources such as water, monitor environmental parameters to ensure better quality of the air we breathe.



Eco-friendly, concrete and energy-efficient solution


PM10,PM2.5, CO2, Radon, Asbestos, Thin Powders


SO2, CO, C6H6, NO2, As, Cd, O3, Ni


Monitoring and control of energy consumption


Temporary or permanent installations


No environmental impact

European Energy Efficiency Directive

Awareness of one’s own energy consumption is one of the main themes of Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency and its implementing decree.

The energy audit must be updated with energy data measured through the installation of a permanent monitoring system.

The energy monitoring system must be able to support energy audits with consumption data relating to the systems being analysed. It shall give an indication of the efficiency of the management and maintenance policies adopted.

Directive 27 attributes to the information of companies on the efficient use of energy and to involve all the people of the company in achieving energy monitoring is recognized as a fundamental role in these actions.

Directive 27

What can you do with BOX-IO Energy?

Smart Farming

Ecosystem designed for precision agriculture

Real time monitoring of crop status and time, automatic irrigation.

Enviromental Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring indoor-outdoor

Real time monitoring of specific indoor and outdoor parameters

Energy Efficiency

Efficient allocation of energy in a plant

Wireless monitoring and control of the energy of a plant, machine or building

Immediate digitization of plant and machinery

Digital transformation of traditional plants and machinery

Configuration and installation of the solution in an easy and immediate way

Implementation Energy

General Overview

  • Energy saving
  • Safety and security
  • Comfort
  • Gamification
  • Voice Control
  • Google Assistant compatibility

Operating Principles

Environmental monitoring involves the integrated use of specialized sensors for the detection of CO, NOx, PM10 and other pollutants both with fixed stations and equipping mobile units.

Fixed stations allow to characterize an area, a specific area or, more generally, a source of pollutants in order to create an objective archive of precise information that can be easily correlated with any ongoing or planned production activities, in order to “moderate” the environmental impact of the same.

The system, composed of mobile stations equipped with appropriate sensors integrated with third party devices for the measurement of specific meteorological parameters – allows to obtain distributed measurements (even if not synchronous) of the conditions of pollutants over a very large area.

Thanks to self-localisation, the system is therefore able to provide geo-referenced measurements. Finally, the IoT solution allows you to verify the planning and quality of production processes – or transformation – in the case of companies with a high environmental impact in order to protect the activity of the company and its employees, ensuring the timely control of healthy conditions in the plant and in the surrounding area.


  • Precise and accurate
  • Captures data in real time
  • Measures environmental impact
  • Flexible
  • Non-invasive installation

Base Components

Environmental Monitoring

IoT solution able to detect in a very precise way and in real time polluting and atmospheric parameters, providing precise information on the state of sustainability and quality of the environment being monitored.

  • Pollution
  • Air Quality
  • Environment

General Overview

BOX-IO ECO allows you to drastically reduce water wastage due to accidental leaks, using ultrasonic and vibrational sensors. The ecosystem, through sensors and actuators, is able to monitor the quality of water and manage the flow of water in a precise and timely manner.

This solution is in fact able to identify both point and general water losses, which can occur respectively in individual devices or in ducts. By analysing the trend of acoustic waves in the ducts, it is possible to highlight the possible presence of water leaks inside the system.

Operating Principles

The detection deviates implemented through the use of specialized sensors (with integration by third parties depending on the case of use) in the analysis of the state of wear of the pipeline. The sensors used (ultrasonic or vibrational sensors) also provide predictive information on the condition of the pipelines, thus allowing maintenance operations to be planned in order to avoid the formation of water leaks.

All detections and warnings regarding leaks from objects and pipes detected by the sensors are displayed through dynamic maps with geofencing functions.


  • Water quality
  • Water flow management
  • Easy installation
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Extended areas
  • Temporary or permanent installations

Base Components

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Water Loss and Quality Detection

The most effective IoT solution for eliminating water leaks from waterworks and city distribution networks.

  • Real-time status detection of water flows

General Overview

The wireless sensor ecosystem is able to monitor in real time the sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, temperature range, humidity, microclimate, rainfall, wind and many other environmental parameters in order to optimize the production-agricultural cycle.

Thanks to our ecosystem it is possible to reduce treatments and problems to crops, plan irrigation and production in an optimal and efficient way.

Operating Principles

Through the use of LoRaWAN protocols it is possible to monitor large agricultural areas, minimizing energy consumption and exploiting all its potential for wireless communication.

The IoT ecosystem can monitor and control the quality of the entire agricultural production cycle, the quality and condition of the soil, vineyards, wheat and any other food product. BOX-ECO helps you to plan your production and warehouse, improve the quality of your product, reduce waste and lower the cost of resources used.

Thanks to a control panel it is possible to monitor the problems of the field, thanks to the collection and reading of data and images through advanced sensors that monitor the conditions of the soil, wind, humidity, water resources and microclimatic conditions; the activities of the vineyard or farm, generating efficiency in the management of raw material consumption, in the control of production systems and automation, management and integration of laboratory activities; logistics activities, through the control of the warehouse, loading and tracking of products, the management of orders and vehicles.


  • Customization : customization of services for the citizen
  • Extension : network of WI-FI nodes
  • Sustainability: efficient management of waste and green areas
  • Cost and time saving: iot solution of technological value
  • Data collection: real-time collection and management in cloud application

Base Components

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Smart Agriculture

The digital platform to intelligently manage your agricultural activity, saving time and cost.

  • Real-time crop status
  • Real-time data display
  • Control of wine-growing and agricultural parameters

General Overview

The IoT Energy solution allows users to monitor and control energy consumption and production, achieving real and immediate savings.

The aim of the system is to generate useful information of value and not just data.

In this sense, it is essential to be able to associate measures of different sizes (energy quantities such as currents, powers, energy and / or analog quantities such as flow rates, pressures, etc..) in order to accurately calculate the performance of the energy-intensive line.

It is also important to have a system that collects these data and makes them available for a comprehensive, easy and fast consultation.

Saving the data collected through the cloud application allows you to make strategic data-driven decisions and obtain a history of precise data of secure business value.

The immediate answer to eliminate inefficiency in energy production and consumption is to be able to identify it and then measure it.

The use of a supervision system is the first step to take to change the dynamics of production and consumption to remove imbalances between energy supply and demand.The task of the system of remote management and remote control (Supervision) is to allow the automation, operation, management and maintenance of HVAC, Technical and Technological property. The IoT ecosystem allows the automation and control of all the equipment and technical services necessary for the operation of the plants.

  • Energy diagnosis and management
  • Energy management system
  • Integration with building automation system and third party energy applications

Operating Principles

The remote wireless measurement devices collect the data and send it to the PLC via Modbus network and/or analog signals, the data is collected by the PLC on SD memory cards and sent periodically to the server.
The server stores the data and makes it available in real time for viewing through a dedicated application, the data can be used through intuitive graphs, which can be easily downloaded to obtain reports.
It is possible to consult the data in real time through a simple UX dashboard available for both web and smartphone.
The Control Room technology monitors the energy used during production, the quantity of material produced, the operation of the plants and the performance of individual machines: a complete control, accessible remotely thanks to the web platform customizable according to the needs of the site.

  • Analyzing consumption
  • Highlighting waste
  • Always real-time connected : Use of the analysis at any time and any place
  • Identify tools : Definition of performance indicators and high profitability energy efficiency measures
  • Informing : Informing its stakeholders in a precise way about the company’s attention to environmental issues and its sustainable impact.
  • Send notifications : Real-time interventions
  • Monitor yields
  • Highlight the ROI


  • Simplify the design, installation, maintenance and use of technologies
  • Ensure optimal operation of installed systems and machines
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Green Communication
    Ensure energy efficiency
    Improve safety
    Collect energy accounting data
    Day Degrees survey (only for a part of the heating systems corresponding to well-identified climatic zones)

Base Components

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Energy Management

Our energy solution that aims to achieve maximum energy efficiency of a plant, through a management that aims to reduce waste of energy flows.

With BOX-IO you can:

  • Developing an energy efficiency project
  • Define precise energy performance targets
  • Promote internal and external sustainability for all stakeholders
  • Requesting access to energy funds and incentives

BOX-IO IoT ecosystem is developed by EDALab s.r.l., which offers innovative IoT hardware and software solutions based on Industry 4.0 logic.