Smart Building

Security and Automation for Buildings

BOX-IO Building is the IoT ecosystem designed to make buildings smarter, connected and safer.

  • Building security
  • Building automation
  • Rapid digitalization of historic buildings
  • Well-being and health inside buildings

The wireless ecosystem is able to secure environments of particular importance, monitor and control data within rooms and storage facilities, manage and control access, ensuring real-time services to people who access them.

Why BOX-IO Building?

BOX-IO Building is the solution that allows you to increase the security and well-being of buildings, the software is made by a team of experts in the field of security of information systems, is safe and performing.

We combine programming languages such as Phyton and frameworks such as Qt that are able to ensure security and versatility to the system.



No wiring


Easy wireless network extension, both permanently and temporarily


Web/App Multiplatform


Real-time tracking and identification of people


Gas, smoke and anti-flooding


Reduction of business risks

What can you do with BOX-IO Smart Building?

Distributed security control

Identification and access management

Indoor and outdoor distributed access identification and control

Smart Working

Management and booking of workstations

Intelligent and connected management of bookings for desks, rooms and meeting rooms

Data Server Monitoring

Monitoring the status and health of server rooms

Reduction of PUE index and indoor monitoring of server rooms

Building Monitoring

Indoor monitoring and automation of buildings

Automation of operational scenarios and building health monitoring

Implementation Building

General Overview

Our integrated solution for access management, identification of employees, regular visitors (such as suppliers or contractors) or occasional visitors.

The solution is modular and offers maximum access control and management.

You can manage access for a single door or for complex installations and manage numerous badges for multiple accesses. Access privileges can be changed online in real time without issuing new cards; visitors can be granted access privileges in seconds for occasional situations.

Operating Principles

The system works with the support of an access control unit that serves to manage and configure readers for the recognition of users.
The control unit receives the data from the readers (reading head) and, comparing them with those that have been set, sets in motion a system that allows you to program, restrict access and control who can enter a certain area. The control unit will then be connected to an access software that will allow you to define the rules of access.

The door opener readers also called keyboards or reading heads are the readers used to recognize the user through a pin, a badge or fingerprint. They will transmit the data to the control unit, which will determine whether or not the user accesses the assigned area according to the configurations entered by the Administrator.

It is also possible to transform the smartphone into an electronic badge by means of GPS detection or the NFC geolocation system.

We offer plus supervision features that allow you to track specific people receiving daily reports on their movements, monitoring traffic in highly sensitive areas to provide maximum security.

The system is able to manage different reading technologies on the same system: magnetic, proximity, radio frequency, biometric, infrared, code, contact and MIFARE.
The modular system for the management and control of accesses offers maximum flexibility for CCTV systems, attendance, parking management, lift management, evacuation management, patrol management, floor management, graphic maps, visitor management, badge printing management.

The system can be active and automatically open doors or gates or gates in front of a badge recognized as valid and authorized, or it can be used simply for monitoring the movements of people or goods or vehicles without any voluntary operation or scheduled to be identified.

The system allows to know the number of those present, the name, the photo, the person in charge and to contact directly the person concerned on the mobile phone in case it is necessary to trace him.


  • Tracking of specific persons
  • Traffic monitoring in particularly sensitive areas
  • Indoor and outdoor identification and access
  • Automation of doors and windows
  • Particularly safe and high-performance software

Base Components

Management and Access Control

The solution to identify and track real-time access to buildings and restricted areas, detect unauthorized intrusions or prevent theft.

  • Identification and access
  • Intelligent Cameras
  • Automatic opening and closing of doors and windows
  • Reliability and safety

General Overview

Our solution to manage and book workplace remotely, using a web or app application and then developing the concept of co-working.

It is possible to book classrooms for meetings and conferences, check the occupation of workstations, book remotely a single or a set of classrooms and workstations. Thanks to this system it is possible to significantly reduce the costs of renting buildings and, by optimally allocating resources, to reduce space and waste of time.

Operating Principles

The BOX-IO gateway is customized to manage devices and devices integrated in classrooms and workstations that are able to provide information on the booking status and occupation of that place. Each workstation becomes so ‘easily controllable and bookable with your smartphone via Bluetooth or with the use of a customizable RFID card.

The system is then composed of a mobile app for remote management, a cloud where the user can register to book, manage and check the status of the LEDs in the workstation.

Mainly ZigBee and BLE wireless communication protocols are used.

The ecosystem can be easily extended with connected services and monitoring of traffic and presence in buildings.


  • Remote booking via app and web
  • System safety and reliability
  • Presence monitoring services
  • Ease of extension with related services

Base Components

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Management and Booking of Workplace

The solution to implement smart working, significantly increase work productivity and save costs of rent and management.

  • Smart working
  • Remote job management and booking
  • Lead management
  • Cost savings and increased productivity

General Overview

Our solution for monitoring indoor environmental parameters and specific conditions under which you have to conduct your business.

We monitor and support hundreds of sensors of any type that can respond precisely and punctually to your requests and needs.

Operating Principles

The system is able to monitor and collect indoor environmental values such as temperature, air quality, pressure, humidity, CO2 level and many other specific parameters according to individual business needs.

The IoT ecosystem allows the collection and management of data that can be used not only for predictive analysis and failure/failure reduction but also to drive strategic business decisions.

The platform sends the collected real-time values to the company’s supervisory system via signal converters of different mA formats.

The basis of this system is the accuracy and reliability of the data collected.


  • Accuracy and reliability of the data collected
  • Alarms, notifications and warnings in the event of abnormal deviations from target values
  • Cloud data collection for historical analysis
  • Monitoring and control of real time data
  • Supervision and maintenance of product quality standards

Base Components

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Health Control of Products and Buildings

Our solution for safeguarding the health of products, equipment, buildings and server rooms.

The system allows the control and monitoring of numerous specific parameters that allow you to safeguard the conditions of your business while minimizing operational risks.

  • Monitoring and control of environmental conditions
  • Control of the condition of products, historical buildings and special installations
  • Alarms and warnings when critical thresholds or anomalous deviations from target values are reached
  • Reliability and accuracy of collected data

General Overview

The IoT ecosystem can streamline administrator tasks, obtain up-to-date data covering user experience and security anomalies, and measure specific KPIs to select the most appropriate supervisory system.

We can cover the monitoring of servers, applications, connected devices and network.

The Power usage effectiveness index (PUE) is a measure of how efficient a computer center, or data center, is in using the electricity that powers it. It is a parameter that gives an idea of how much electrical power is dedicated to powering IT equipment compared to ancillary services such as air conditioning or UPS losses. The PUE is the ratio between the total power absorbed by the data centre (Pt) and that used by IT equipment only (Pit).

Operating Principles

Our environmental monitoring solution for data centers allows you to collect and supervise in real time critical environmental parameters for the efficient operation of server rooms. Efficiency is achieved with optimal levels of ventilation, temperature, humidity, light exposure, electrical current and many other parameters.

With different types of sensors installed intelligently and effectively, you can collect and manage these parameters to significantly reduce PUE and operational risks that could damage your IT infrastructure. The BOX-IO gateway allows you to save and efficiently manage the energy allocation on the various UPS units.

The ecosystem is easily extended with other sensors such as water leakage detection, anti-flooding, smoke and gas, pressure and any other parameter of interest.

The ecosystem can be integrated with security and access control systems, locking and opening systems for French windows, detection and lighting sensors.


  • System Extensibility
  • Reduction of the PUE index
  • Creating custom dashboards
  • Easy installation
  • Monitoring of different types of parameters
  • Constant updating and development of the system

Base Components

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Dataserver Monitoring

Our solution for monitoring environmental parameters of data ensures the operation of IT infrastructure and optimal use of UPS units. The system ensures the optimal energy efficiency of the plant to minimize operational risks.

  • Diagnostics and supervision of server rooms
  • Reduction of PUE (Power usage effectiveness) index
  • High level of detail monitoring all data center components
  • Coverage of servers, applications, connected devices and network.

BOX-IO IoT ecosystem is developed by EDALab s.r.l., which offers innovative IoT hardware and software solutions based on Industry 4.0 logic.