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We have developed a fully customizable IoT platform, tested and updated over time after several years of research and development. By continuously investing in people, skills and processes, we have come to offer a fully customizable hardware and software ecosystem in any business scenario.
After numerous developments, tests and field applications, the ecosystem has proven to be highly reliable and accurate in any business scenario.

Tested Ecosystem

Continuous development and updating

Custom Ecosystem

Hardware, Software, Cloud, Re-Branding


  • 1

    Project Analysis

    Platform requirements

  • 2

    Custom Platform Development

    Sviluppo software, hardware e cloud

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    Software, Cloud, Hardware

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    Support & Service

    On-site inspections and continuous technical support

Why choose BOX-IO?

We are able to provide a ready and tested IoT platform and solution, fully customizable for any business scenario.

Reliability Ecosystem

Proven in years of research and development

Accurate and Reliable Data Collection

State-of-the-art gateways and sensors

Personalizazione UI/UX Widget

Completa personalizzazione dell'interfaccia grafica

Support and Customer Service

Technicians and specialized engineers able to satisfy any request

Easy Installation

Simple and automatic installation and configuration

Temporary or permanent installations

Possibility of installation in particular periods of the year

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Discover some of our projects that we have realized


Our technology for your industry 4.0

If you are a hardware manufacturer and you need to integrate your IT solution do not hesitate to contact us.

You will find an IT expert who can answer any of your questions.

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Do you still have any doubts?

Ask directly to us or consult the FAQ for frequently asked questions, we will find a solution to your every request.

1. I don't have a clear idea of how to implement my project

You will find a team of engineers who can help you develop and implement your ideas, to create secure value for your business

2. Is it possible to request a demo or trial version?

We can create a prototype in a few weeks for a field test, to test our system and solve any of your requests

3. What can I customize about the system?

It is possible to customize every aspect of the ecosystem, from the gateway to the sensors, passing through the graphic interfaces of the software.

4. Does the installation require invasive interventions?

The installation does not require wiring and invasive interventions, the configuration of the sensors and the router is autonomous and autonomous.

5. Does the ecosystem have certifications?

BOX-IO is certified according to the standards defined by the European community and can obtain the specific certification for your business


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BOX-IO IoT ecosystem is developed by EDALab s.r.l., which offers innovative IoT hardware and software solutions based on Industry 4.0 logic.