Reliable software, performing, safe and completely customizable, it's the fastest solution to connect a device to the Cloud and transform it into a Smart Object.

Operating System for IoT

Distributed as a library or as a complete multi-tasking operating system, it is the fastest solution to connect a device to the Cloud and transform it into a Smart Object.

  • Precise data collection
  • Safe and reliable
  • Performing
  • Fixed Updates

IoT Architecture

BOX-IO operating system was designed to be independent of the underlying hardware and compatible with all the main hardware devices adopted in the world of the Internet of Things.

Due to performance limitations or the presence of another operating system, BOX-IO OS in some areas becomes a real embedded multi-tasking operating system, while in other contexts it becomes a library for interfacing with BOX-IO Cloud .

OS Multitastking

For all hardware architectures that do not have an operating system. BOX-IO OS has a scheduler and a TCP / IP stack.

OTA Updates

Automatic or manual remote firmware update functionality, to ensure the deployment of new features or bugfixes.

Sensors Connection

Acquisition and scaling of measurements from the main types of I/O and data acquisition from remote sensors, via Bluetooth or expansion bus.

Remote Control

Thanks to the persistent connection to the Cloud, the operating system can receive real-time commands to drive I/O and set new parameters.


Web server and local web interface to be able to configure at any time the main operating parameters and consult the operating status.

Smart Configurator

Smart Configurator procedure, based on WiFi or Bluetooth, which allows you to quickly perform the first commissioning and configuration of the connectivity.


Scheduler for logging and buffering of measurements and alarms. The operating system temporarily saves the data in case of lack of connectivity.

Cloud Application

A fundamental support to monitor and control in real time intelligent objects and smart objects


Analyze collected data in real time or historical values using analytics tools and APIs.


Connect every object with the platform to reach it from anywhere at any time.


Control and send commands and actions to your objects at any time with a simple click.



Real-time monitoring enables predictive algorithms to be implemented for anomalies and faults.

Data Cloud Collection

Keep a record of all information collected, always available for consultation and availability.


Let the platform monitor your objects in real time and notify you in case of anomalies.

Dashboard UX

Software usability to be tailored to needs, easy to learn and use, allow you to perform your work in the most correct way and generate few critical errors.

Data Sources (MQTT/Rest)

Very light and reliable MQTT protocol (guarantees three different levels of QoS), especially on networks that are not perfect in terms of connection stability.

Protocol Rest is more common and this can be useful especially in the case of applications on tablets or smartphones that access the Cloud to show the end user the data acquired.

Google Assistant

Vocal Control

Custom Fuction

Custom software features, such as access rules, roles, conditions, widgets, automations and more

Real Time Monitoring

You can view real-time data from sensors installed on the IoT platform at any time from your smartphone, tablet or DESKTOP PC.

Vocal Control

Compatible with Google Assistant for voice commands

Desktop App

Multifunctional desktop application for real-time monitoring

Smartphone App

Android/iOS App development

Remote Control

Send commands to perform remote actions anytime from anywhere. If the data logger is temporarily not reachable, the platform will store the command and send it immediately to the next connection.

Push Notice

Notifications on target condition and threshold attainment

Alarms for abnormal deviations from target value

Possibilità di effettuare azioni automatiche al verificarsi di un allarme

Alerts and Notices

The IoT platform works for you 24 hours a day: it independently configures event monitoring to be notified in real time of what is happening. There are several types of events that you can configure to have complete control and be notified without needing to connect to the platform.

Predictive Data Analysis

Cloud data configuration for historical data analysis and forecasting models

Data integration with BI platforms

Data monitoring with third-party analytics platforms

Analytics and integrations

Thanks to a series of reports you have the opportunity to quickly consult and analyze the data collected. APIs and web services allow you to integrate the platform with the most common business intelligence systems and implement very complex algorithms and predictive logic.

Dashboard UX/UI

Graphic customization usable for web/app application


Custom Fuctions


Possibility of re-branding the entire system, including naming and packaging.

Custom Interface

The flexibility of the IoT platform allows you to create dashboards, algorithms, widgets and views tailored to your needs, to always have under control the situation and history of the sensors.


BOX-IO IoT ecosystem is developed by EDALab s.r.l., which offers innovative IoT hardware and software solutions based on Industry 4.0 logic.