BOX-IO Network


A customizable IoT solution for any business scenario

Configuration Tool

Automatic direct configuration

Sensor Network

Supports hundreds of wireless sensors of all type

Data Cloud

Cloud data management and collection

Control Center

Remote control via Multiplatform Web-App

Customizable and qualified IoT infrastructure

The IoT infrastructure is engineered and tested over years of development by a team of IT specialists to deliver maximum reliability and security. We are able to create a smart network in any environmental and industrial context, ensuring the zeroing of infrastructure costs, thanks to the absence of wiring.

Each project can therefore involve the installation of several smart networks, connected by means of specific gateways to the available communication backbones, which allow coverage (and data collection) over extremely large areas.


Key Features IOT

The IoT ecosystem allows you to overcome all the limitations of a traditional wired system, offering unique benefits in any field, with a high resistance to interference.

Easy to Install

No infrastructure costs and no cabling.

Easy to Extend

Permanent or Temporary Installations

System Integration

Integration of proprietary solutions and systems.


Easy to modify the characteristics of the system.


Accurate and proven data collection

Low Energy

Battery powered for more than 10 years.

An Intelligence, Flexible and Powerful WSN

The long-life batteries (up to 10 years) guarantee the routers unparalleled operational continuity.


In Mesh networks, the data of each device is sent to the concentrator, using each available repeater to extend the range. This guarantees maximum reliability, extended coverage and flexibility.


Allows the addition of new devices (tags, sensors, actuators) that do not increase the use of energy and are easy to commission being self-configuring.


Ensures the detection of ``event`` data (and the occurrence of specific conditions). In asynchronous networks, each device can transmit its data to other devices at any time.


The network can be integrated with your technology solutions to increase their value and achieve your business goal.

Automatic and immediately configuration.



Dynamic, safe and high-performance programming language

QT Framework

Framework for the implementation of user interfaces

Linux Based

Flexibility, scalability, speed and immediate libraries

IoT Platform

Some potential of the ecosystem

Multifunctional Sensors

Ability to collect data on heterogeneous parameters (e.g. temperature, humidity, brightness, presence of dust, CO2 concentration, etc.) in different application scenarios,

Battery power supply

Battery powered with up to 10 years autonomy with indoor-outdoor installation independent of the availability of electricity

System Integration

Easy dialogue with third-party technologies operating on different communication protocols, developing a single solution available to enable more complex IoT scenarios.

Real-Time Geolocalization

Real time tracking and localization of assets and people in outdoor-indoor contexts

Illmitated Coverage

Data communication even in normally ``screened`` areas to other radio technologies, thanks to the pervasiveness of the network


Use of different communication protocols depending on the scenario of use (ZigBee, Modbus, LoRa and many others), with wide range coverage (up to 15 km in open field).

Scalability and Flexibility

Complete scalability, extension of installations, type of services provided and integration with third party components using different communication protocols.

Custom Device

Design, prototyping and production of custom devices able to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Some of the sensors supported


BOX-IO IoT ecosystem is developed by EDALab s.r.l., which offers innovative IoT hardware and software solutions based on Industry 4.0 logic.